Why You Should Hire A PPC Specialist

PPC (pay per click) specialists are professionals in online marketing, responsible for strategising and planning the successful running of online marketing campaigns. You could work at home, most usually in an advertising department of an already established company, or for either a specialist PPC agency or digital agency in which you will manage multiple campaigns for an entire range of customers. The benefit of working as a PPC specialist is that you will have access to the latest PPC tools and will have expert knowledge about current PPC trends. This will not only benefit your own career, but the success of your clients too – everyone wins!

In the world of paid advertising the role of a PPC specialist is vital. As the name suggests, a PPC (or Google AdWords) specialist is an expert in all things PPC – or Google AdWords. They know all the latest research and tools available to help your PPC campaign, including such tools as the ‘Words Of Influence’ tool and the ‘Ad Words Effects Panel’. A PPC specialist will also be able to provide you with a good understanding of the various ways in which you can go about promoting your PPC campaigns, and how you can increase the benefits of your PPC investments.

One of the most important things that a PPC specialist will be able to do for you is to boost your visibility in Google and other search engines. This can give you an immediate rise in organic search traffic – leading to more clicks, higher conversions and, ultimately, more income. SEO specialists know that PPC marketing relies on having high rankings in Google’s search engine result pages. This is the one place where searchers will find you, and the one place where your PPC will be most effective. Therefore, having a good SEO strategy in place before you start your PPC marketing is a must.

There are two main types of SEO specialists – those with a great deal of work experience behind them, and those who have very little. Those who have lots of work experience will have a better idea of what PPC is all about, and will probably have some ideas about how best to get it done. However, specialists with very little work experience may simply not be aware of some of the fundamental PPC principles. In order to get the best benefit from your PPC investment, it’s worth hiring an SEO specialist with some work experience. Here’s why:

SEO specialists usually have a wide range of skills. Not only are they capable of crafting compelling ad copy that draws in visitors and converts them into customers, but they’re also skilled at writing compelling ad copies for Facebook and other social media platforms. Most people aren’t going to click on a PPC ad copy if it doesn’t look appealing. A specialist knows the basics of web copywriting, including keyword research, keyword selection and how to strategically place them in your copy. This means that they’ll be able to write a headline that’s highly effective for PPC, and then modify it so that it’s both highly attractive and highly relevant to your customers.

However, even the most proficient PPC specialist will realise that the job comes with its limitations. You’re still at the mercy of the results that you get from your campaigns. While it’s quite easy to set up some impressive campaigns initially, if PPC management isn’t dealt with on a routine basis, you’ll soon see your budget disappear as your profits tumble. Specialist PPC managers need to be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to managing their campaigns, and are therefore well worth the investment. It could prove to be one of the best investments you make in your business, as there’s very little risk involved.

A good PPC specialist also has access to an arsenal of tools and software designed to increase the success of your PPC campaigns. One of the most common mistakes made by PPC adverts is that they’re written around keywords that are highly specific to your company. In order to ensure that your adverts are as effective as possible, it’s important that your web pages are optimised for the search engines that your target audience will be using. A good PPC specialist will be able to provide you with a host of SEO tools to help you out, as well as offering you the ability to manage your adverts in an effort to keep your cost down and achieve the most effective landing page placement.

So, which PPC specialist roles are worth hiring? In short, every PPC specialist should be included in a successful digital marketing campaign. The problem with many hiring specialists is that they don’t understand the true value in hiring one of these experts – they’re usually just after the job. The true value in hiring such an expert is that they will save you time and money, as they’ll be responsible for the creation of your PPC advertising. They’ll have the skills to make sure that your ads are optimised for your specific keywords, and they’ll know that Google AdWords campaigns to use to bring in targeted buyers. You may think that hiring a PPC specialist is a huge waste of money, but if you put your mind at ease and trust a specialist then you may find that it’s actually worth paying the extra money for their expertise.