Why Hire an SEO Expert?

A professional SEO (also called an SEO pro) is a person who optimizes sites for the purpose of achieving higher search engine ranks. Put simply: An SEO pro is someone who knows how to drive more traffic to a website from search engines like Google. This traffic is not only generated in a single day, but over a period of time. How is this achieved? Well, there are many different techniques and strategies.

In SEO marketing, the goal is to find a number of different optimization methods, and use them in concert in order to increase the ranking of the websites being used. Using numerous SEO strategies is called parallel optimization, or using several different optimization methods in conjunction with each other. Another way to look at it is that SEO marketing is a balancing act – you need to optimize one aspect of a site (or your blog), but you need to do so while also making it accessible to the search engines. This is done by finding a solution to the most pressing problems (like legibility issues for a disabled user) but doing it in such a way that the search engines still see the site as ‘perfect’ and therefore rank it accordingly.

SEO Expert is those experts who can make this balance between search engines and users (and backlinks) so perfectly that it seems as though they have found the holy grail of optimization. If you read many ‘experts’ on SEO and the optimization process, you will see that they often espouse the same (or at least similar) philosophies. They talk about the importance of backlinks, but also talk about how ‘perfect’ the site is, and how important it is to keep the rankings up (or, maintain rankings within certain limits). While it is true that backlinks play an important part in the search engines, the fact is that they are not the only thing that determine rankings – and neither are they the only things that determine your website’s success.

To make things simple, SEO experts do what professional SEO companies do, which is to optimize your website for the major search engines, using a set of tried and tested tools. The set of tools that the SEO Expert uses will be proprietary, and the SEO Expert will sometimes even use more than one to ensure that their optimization efforts are as effective as possible. However, it is also true that the more you pay for your SEO Expert services, the better your results will be. Let’s explore the top four methods used by the most successful SEO Expert services.

So what is the most effective method of optimizing a website? The most SEO friendly method is known as ‘digital marketing’. Digital marketing is the use of content, videos, press releases, blogs, etc to promote your website. SEO experts who specialize in digital marketing understand that their job is not complete until their client(s) see the results of their optimization efforts, and the keys to getting the most out of your digital marketing campaigns is having them ‘sticky’ – meaning they remain visible in the search rankings for long enough to receive positive results from organic searches and/or paid listings.

An important part of the strategy is to take advantage of link building strategies. Link building is one of the most efficient methods of boosting your website rankings on search engines, and many SEO experts are able to effectively leverage this strategy in order to boost rankings. While it is true that content plays an important role in link building, it is equally true that the quality of the backlinks that you acquire will also play a significant role in determining your ranking. As an example, it would be best to obtain links from sites with higher page ranks, because the page rank of a site is used to determine the position of its backlinks, and the higher a site’s page rank, the more likely the site will be able to stick around and experience the benefits of backlinks. In addition, social media will also play a role in helping you stick around, as these websites are indexed by search engines regularly and therefore will have a hand in helping you stay competitive.

Another part of the strategy is to make use of industry-specific anchor texts. These anchor texts will allow you to effectively target specific keywords that will help you improve rankings in search engine results. While it is true that content is still king, when it comes to improving search engine rankings, keywords still hold a great part of the pie. This is where hiring a SEO expert can really pay off. Because an SEO Expert will know the ins and outs of how to strategically place your keywords in the right spots on your website, he or she can practically ensure that you will get to the top of the search engine listings.

Lastly, an SEO Expert can also help you optimize your website for both organic traffic and paid listings. Optimizing a website for organic traffic involves taking a look at the usability of the pages and identifying what problems these pages may have before trying to fix them through proper SEO practices. On the other hand, optimizing a website for paid advertising means looking at competitor’s websites and trying to identify ways in which these competitors are targeting keywords that are of high value to users in your niche. Through the process of optimization, you can ensure that your website will be targeting the right user intent and therefore improve your ranking in the organic search results.