What to Look For When Hiring a Video Remote Interpreter

What is a Video Remote Interpreter? As defined in Phone Interpreting section, Video Remote Interpretation or VRI falls within the Video Interpreters category of service. In a typical VRI situation, a person and you are both located in a place with a laptop configured with a high quality camera and with a video camera attached to your computer, or with a mobile device (such as an iPhone or an iPad).

Video interpreters are basically devices which are able to interpret the video for you. They have been developed specifically for this purpose. You simply take your video (in the format of DVD) and upload it to the video server. Your video will be interpreted by the server and presented to the other party.

There are many advantages of using a video remote interpreter. If you are having trouble understanding a foreign language, it may well be necessary to consult a qualified professional.

Another advantage is that video interpreters are a great way to communicate in a foreign language. You can just record a video and upload it to a video server, and you are all set. Now, the challenge is translating the video on the fly.

Video interpreters can translate and interpret the video on the fly without needing to translate it from scratch. It’s the ultimate in convenience. It also saves time, money and headaches and allows people who are otherwise unable to communicate with one another via video.

A video remote interpreter also comes in handy if there is some kind of translation conflict which is going to occur. Since the video is already translated to an acceptable level for the receiver, the translator has very little to do and can simply repeat what they have already heard over again, thus saving the speaker considerable time.

Video interpreters are ideal if you are in a situation where you need to present your video for an audience overseas. They allow you to present your video to a group of people who may not be familiar with it. For instance, if your company’s website contains a video clip that you want to distribute, you might want to use a video remote interpreter.

This will allow you to present the video and it will be translated to another language, such as Spanish, French, Chinese or Japanese for example. This will be translated for you and sent to the audience with all the appropriate subtitles, music, etc.

Of course, video remote interpreters are only useful if you are willing to pay for their services. You must know where to look to find one that will do the job for you. Most of these interpreters work for a particular website or program. Make sure that the website has a good reputation and a high rate of success before choosing one for your video project.

Different people have different things in mind when it comes to looking for a video remote interpreter. Some may be looking for a simple video-to-DVD conversion, while others may want more specialized, such as a translation from a PDF file to video, etc.

When choosing a video remote, you should also consider whether or not the interpreter will provide you with some kind of support after the project is completed. {if so, it may be worth it to get this service. You don’t want to find out later that the interpreter is not available to answer any of your questions.

After you have decided on which video remote interpreter you are going to use, you should check to see how the interpreter will handle the translation and interpretation process. Do they offer it at no cost?

Does the interpreter offer any training or certification? And, is the interpreter licensed?