What is SEO?

A professional SEO (also called an SEO pro or an SEO protti) is somebody who optimises websites so as to achieve high search engine rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Put simply: An SEO pro is somebody who knows how to receive more web traffic from search engines like Google. The more web traffic a website gets, the higher its search engine ranking will be and, consequently, the higher the site will appear in search engine results for particular keywords. An SEO consultant therefore provides his client with a number of services aimed at increasing the web traffic, both through organic and paid methods.

SEO is an on-page optimization technique. On-page optimization refers to the elements within a website that is optimized such that they bring about a greater overall benefit. On-page factors include meta tags, headers, titles, download engine optimization, content optimization, keywords analysis, internal linking structure etc. On-page factors are critically important when it comes to SEO because they decide how a page is ranked by search engines and thus, determine whether or not the site will rank well for a given keyword or phrase. Therefore, on-page optimization is a crucial aspect for any search engine marketing campaign.

SEO can either be manual or automated, with the latter being more time-consuming and labor intensive. SEO can be performed in a number of ways. For instance, keywords can be optimised via manual techniques, while machine learning techniques are more automated and are considered to be better for search engine marketing campaigns. A good SEO consultant will also suggest the right SEO technique for a given client. Some SEO consultants may even offer to do the entire project personally if the client is convinced that he/she can achieve certain rankings using a manual method.

Search engine optimization is performed by changing a website’s external appearance such as its domain name, links, images, titles and so on. This process is known as “yoast building”. In addition, SEO Experts also performs quality check on websites before listing them in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AOL and others. If a website fails to meet the quality standards set forth by the search engines, it is immediately flagged as “low quality” and removed from the indexing databases.

While some SEO techniques may have immediate results (i.e. increased search engine rankings), some take a longer time to show results. For example, organic search engine optimization, such as directory submission, requires the submission of links to directories and blogs in order for the links to count. While some believe this method increases rankings initially, over time, organic search engine results are not as good as paid advertisements.

Pay per click, or PPC, differs from SEO because it is more directly tied to an advertising campaign with pay-per-click search engines such as Google and Yahoo. PPC advertising is designed to drive large amounts of traffic to websites within a short period of time. Pay per click search engines can provide a quick spike in rankings but is not considered long-term because it is dependent upon advertisers only. Most pay per click search engines do not use organic or natural search results to determine their rankings. Pay per click is a great way to advertise small businesses, but because each click is one that are generated from a human and not from a search engine, a SEO Professional’s services may be able to yield quicker results.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of optimizing websites through various methods to generate traffic and increase rankings for websites. SEO professionals can optimize websites by improving the web pages through which the website is presented to the search engine. These professionals also analyze the websites and can recommend strategies and modifications to the content on the website that will make it more user friendly and search engine friendly. The result of optimizing a website can either increase or decrease the website’s revenue. SEO Marketing strategies can also direct users to websites that have high conversion rates.

Organic traffic refers to visitors that come to the site without searching for information online. SEO professionals can help to increase organic traffic by utilizing organic search engines to drive digital marketing towards specific key words, phrases or tags. Digital marketing uses different channels to advertise products or services such as pay per click, text links, video and images. This type of marketing allows businesses to reach specific audiences at a more targeted level. SEO is a highly effective method of search engine optimization and a necessity for today’s competitive business environment.