What Is A PPC Specialist?

What is a PPC specialist? A PPC specialist is a person who has knowledge of how to advertise on the web through PPC campaigns. Pay per click (PPC) is now the most popular method of advertising on the web, generally though Google AdWords or Bing Ads; where sponsored links are displayed on the right hand side of search results. Advertisers only pay a certain fee every time one of their advertisement clicks through. PPC specialists utilise their experience to advise companies on how best to maximise on the potentials of PPC advertising. Some of the factors which could bring success to a PPC effort include:

Online marketing is all about getting exposure for your products and services. PPC will bring this to you. PPC is generally used as a third party marketing channel, whereby your company’s products and services are promoting online. By putting your adverts in front of those searching for what you have to offer online you will be reaching your target audience. You can also use PPC to supplement traditional online advertising efforts.

PPC is a complex task and so it’s important that a specialist is brought onto the project. This is a job for a specialist, as much of the analysis and research required is carried out by someone who knows how to do it properly. A good PPC company will not only carry out the necessary keyword research but will also carry out ad split tests, competitor analysis and determine the best placement of your keywords within your copy. They will make sure you are not wasting money by bidding on keywords that have less competition than yours.

PPC does take some skill – so it’s worth hiring a specialist to help you. Many people who do this type of work already have a background in digital marketing. It’s not easy to get a degree in advertising, so some specialists will specialise in using digital marketing tools to analyse your market and place your campaign. If you want to do this yourself, it can take some time to learn the necessary skills. It could prove more economical in the long run to hire someone in-house to carry out your PPC campaign for you.

There are a number of benefits to hiring a PPC specialist. Firstly, because PPC is a marketing initiative by which you can promote your company internally and externally, it requires a management team that is in place to manage these activities. A good PPC manager will manage campaigns from both internal and external clients and will liaise with your product marketing team, your SEO specialists and your quality review team. The key benefit is they will have analytical skills and expertise which will prove invaluable to you.

The most common way in which a PPC manager will be involved in the day-to-day running of your PPC programmes is by approving ad campaigns and managing the cash flow. Approval is usually done via a spreadsheet based application called a click tracker. Your campaigns are approved or rejected by this tool based on the effectiveness of the headline, ad text and how many times the ad was displayed. Once approved, your PPC manager will then produce reports that will tell you what works and what doesn’t. If changes are required, they can be implemented immediately.

Another way in which a specialist role might help you is by helping you build your online presence and community. With a good PPC manager you will know which social media sites are popular and which aren’t. This can greatly reduce your overall expenditure on offline advertising. There are specialist PPC companies which specialise in helping you get the word out about your business, so you will be able to share information about your latest campaigns and take advantage of the wide range of social media features available.

One of the most important things to do when choosing a specialist is to ask whether they will manage your SEO. The specialist must understand the complexity of the SEO process and have years of experience doing SEO. If they don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge then you are likely to be worse off. Complexity bias and search engine optimisation are one of the biggest problems that face small businesses, so if you want to succeed online then this is something you cannot afford to ignore. The more complex your website is then the more likely people will be to click on it and as a result more revenue will be generated. This doesn’t just benefit you, but the wider marketing team as well.