What Does it Take to Be a Brightedge SEO Expert?

Braden Segal has always prided himself on being an “old school” SEO expert. As a copywriter and editor for all of his professional life, SEO was always on the periphery of Braden’s work. Today, although, SEO has become his center stage. Braden, along with others at HubSpot, Aja Frost, Victor Pan and Amanda Sellers, provided their thoughts on what it takes to be an SEO specialist and the different paths they took to reach there.

Braden began to realize that SEO wasn’t just about building backlinks and making sure your site showed up on the first page of Google. SEO needed to provide smart marketing strategies that leveraged the power of search engines in order to attract new customers. SEO after all, is best practices for the internet age. What better way to educate the next generation of search engine optimizers than showing them how to make money online?

In this first in a series of articles, Braden delves into the world of search engine optimization (SEO). He discusses the best practices for creating and maintaining a successful SEO strategy. Braden starts by giving a brief history of SEO and why he believes it is so critical to today’s business culture. The history he traces begins with “the dawn of the computer and the age of the internet.” With these changes came the need to create effective marketing solutions to help businesses optimize their websites for Google and other major search engines.

One of the best practices that SEO experts have developed over time is to build a social media presence. Today’s SEO Expert, along with others like him at HubSpot, has created an account on Twitter and Facebook. Social media optimization is a marketing technique that allows businesses to connect with their target audience on a more personal level. By taking advantage of the power of social media sites, SEO experts have been able to leverage their influence on search results.

Search Engine Optimization is a term that has evolved over the years to include many methods of optimizing content for search engines. Braden devises a way to leverage his influence over Twitter by encouraging his followers to tweet about his new blog post. If a follower retweets the tweet, then they also share the post with their followers. This helps the SEO Expert to not only generate a buzz about his latest post, but also helps the SEO Expert shows up higher on Google searches.

Another technique that SEO Experts has used for several years is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is a type of online advertising that takes the form of banner ads, video ads, or even text ads within websites. With digital marketing, SEO Experts takes advantage of what the Internet can offer and use it to promote websites in ways that are more likely to convert into sales. However, there are limits to this strategy as well, such as being unable to break through to a larger user base or make headway with younger users who are more likely to be influenced by flashier ads.

A good SEO Expert should also make use of paid advertising techniques as well. In fact, experts who know how to market their business through traditional channels will have an easier time finding work because traditional advertising venues are not flooded with companies looking to hire someone to optimize content for their website. Hiring a specialist can help to cut down on the amount of time spent researching campaigns, but if the SEO Expert does not have the right skills and tools, then it may prove to be a waste of money.

For those interested in finding an SEO Specialist with the right skill set and connections, then one of the best places to start is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular social networking site that allows companies to create a network of people interested in their products or services. Using the appropriate keywords, a specialist can be searched for in this type of networking and can be linked up with an existing business that he or she may have developed a good relationship with. A good specialist will also have access to websites related to his or her topic of interest. If the SEO specialist has put in the effort to build a good profile, then he or she will have already created a network that can be tapped for business opportunities.