What Does an SEO Expert Do?

What exactly is an SEO Expert? An SEO expert (aka an SEO guru?) is someone who optimizes sites in order for them to achieve higher search engine placements. Put another way: an SEO expert is someone who knows how to get more visitors from search engines.

This is a very broad concept that encompasses many different fields and sub-specialties. It is also a very interesting one. As far as search engine optimization goes, there are three main areas which SEO Experts specializes in: content writing, link building, and keyword research/evaluate. (There are many more sub-disciplines within SEO, but this is the big three.)

Content writing is about creating new content for your website and positioning it in search engines for better page placement. It is also about making sure that your web pages are as informative and relevant as possible. The SEO Expert will check your spelling and grammar, the choice of appropriate vocabulary, and the logic of your sentences. They will also check your hyperlinks, anchor texts, and the page titles and headings for user experience and search engines compatibility.

Link building is all about using other websites and blogs to boost your own popularity in search engines and increase your search engine optimization ranking. The SEO Expert will analyze your link structure and recommends the best practices for increasing link popularity. They will generally require that you have a solid plan in place regarding your approach to digital marketing and social media.

Finally, keyword research and content analysis are key factors for optimization. The SEO Expert will determine which keywords your campaigns should target, how to optimize these keywords for best results in search engine optimization, and finally, how to obtain backlinks from the most relevant websites and blogs. Keyword optimization is another fundamental aspect of link building.

To summarize, the SEO Expert will determine the target audience for your marketing efforts, analyze your competitors, and develop a strategy to achieve those targeted audiences. They will then implement that strategy via several channels, including blogging, article writing, video production, social media, and the use of SEO tools, like white hat SEO. The SEO Expert will be your “personal shopper” in the world of search engines. They will request market information and data, conduct surveys, and evaluate your competitors to ensure that your strategy is fully optimized. Finally, they will optimize your site and make changes if necessary, all under the supervision of a licensed professional who has undergone thorough training in search engine optimization and other internet marketing techniques.

As with any service you purchase, you need to be aware that there is a hefty price associated with hiring a SEO Expert. The SEO Expert will charge based on the number of hours they spend working on your site and related projects. You will also need to pay for the specialized knowledge and skills of the SEO Expert, including his or her past success with online marketing. If your budget does not allow for hiring a full-time SEO Expert, you can still utilize the services of a digital marketing agency to assist with your search engine optimization efforts. Hiring an agency to do the legwork allows you to focus on generating new leads and generating new sales.

In conclusion, when hiring an SEO Expert, it is important to remember that they are skilled practitioners of digital marketing and know best practices for optimizing your website. This includes performing on-site and off-site keyword research, link building, and analyzing your competition. However, the work of the SEO Expert does not end there. Once the SEO Expert identifies your keywords, he or she must make an analysis of your website’s design and construction, the content on the website, and your social media marketing plan.