Video Remote Interpreters – Providing Interpretation Services Beyond the United States

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is an off-site, on-demand video communication service which uses modern electronic devices like webcams, digital cameras or video phones to deliver American Sign Language (ASC) or spoken language interpretation services to businesses and organizations that cannot afford onsite interpreter services. This method of communication has been extensively used in the medical, legal and educational fields. The service has the potential of reducing costs associated with onsite translation services while at the same time increasing productivity and enhancing customer service. Off-site interpreters require significant training and skill to deliver professional and high quality video communication support. Video Remote Interpreters (VRI’s) are much cheaper than live interpreters, and they also deliver an added benefit of saving time by avoiding repetition of activities.

For companies, which use conferencing, video remote interpreting can be a life saver, especially in situations where the workplace has no translator to turn to in an emergency. The advent of software solutions such as FaceTime, video messaging and apps like FaceTime video conferencing has meant that employers no longer have to spend a lot of money hiring a personal translator, which is a great advantage for companies that outsource their work to other countries. Applying FaceTime, Video Remote Interpreting or Video Messaging can help businesses cut costs associated with translating written documents. Some of these software solutions offer additional features that enable the user to conduct business virtually and even remotely through video.

As most companies outsource their transcribing work to an outside provider, it becomes imperative to find the right Video Remote Interpreter vendor who will be able to supply the business with dependable services. Video Remote Interpreters enables businesses to carry out meetings, trainings, conferences in whichever way they prefer. Some of these services are available through third-party application vendors who work in collaboration with the companies to deliver the highest quality video output. There are many benefits of availing Video Remote Interpreters services. Since the service provider uses the latest technology and works with skilled foreign interpreters, the output is of the highest quality. Since these video interpreters understand different languages, you can be absolutely sure about the interpretation of any document or audio feed.

Businesses are also happy to know that since a Video Remote Interpreter has no physical location, there are no extra expenses associated with its use. One of the biggest costs associated with using a conventional on-site interpreter typically involves payment of visa/waiver fees, payment of additional taxes, etc. A Video Remote Interpreter is not only cost-effective but also less costly than a conventionally trained interpreter since he does not require any visa or health insurance. Furthermore, once hired, a Video Remote Interpreter works on a per-project basis. This means he does not need to be paid for the amount of time he spent on your project.

A Video Remote Interpreter can be utilized in situations where a conventionally trained interpreter may not be available. In addition, a Video Remote Interpreter can provide the added benefit of providing an extra layer of confidentiality and security. Because they do not require any on-site training, they can work in a situation where there is no one to provide interpreters. Therefore, Video Remote Interpreters is useful to businesses, private individuals and organizations that are in need of superior quality translation services. With their advanced Video Remote Interpreting services, they can virtually conduct business meetings, provide reports and documents, translate text from any language to almost any language, as well as prepare and edit different files such as videos, audios and PDFs.

In a nutshell, a Video Remote Interpreter can provide the quality of speech translation and interpreting services that are usually reserved for professionals who are highly trained in their field. They are fast and capable when it comes to reading and translating text from the English or other spoken language into the foreign national’s native tongue. In addition to providing spoken language translation and interpreting service, Video Remote Interpreters can also provide interpretation services for non-English clients. Their wide range of multimedia based services allows them to answer questions and provide translation and interpretation for all types of media files including but not limited to videos, movies, pictures, images, text, logos, audio files and video clips.

For medical and healthcare businesses, Video Remote Interpreters can provide a cost-effective solution for providing interpretation services in various languages. Especially for healthcare agencies and facilities that have a majority of their workforce in countries and regions that do not speak English as their primary language, Video Remote Interpreters can provide a valuable service by providing interpretation services in their mother language. This is particularly important in areas where there are many people who speak a language other than English or the majority of residents may only speak a language other than English. The cost of translation and interpretation for a particular message or data file can be very high. Video Remote Interpreters offers the ability to deliver this data and information across different communication and media networks.

Using Video Remote Interpreters to provide interpretation and translation services in areas outside of the United States that do not have widespread and well-known translation and interpretation services available can be cost-effective for healthcare companies. Healthcare organizations that use Video Remote Interpreters can offer their clients’ information and data files in a number of different languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi/Urdu, Russian, Urdu, Tamil and others. They can also provide their clients with interpreters that speak these same languages as well as interpreters that can handle the needs of clients who only speak a language other than English. Video Remote Interpreters can be used for a variety of different purposes including training and educating individuals in the use of medical procedures, conducting research, receiving data and information from patients and other sources, offering interpretation services, preparing and distributing health care documents and records to various patients and clients in different locations and on multiple devices and in multiple languages. The uses and benefits of Video Remote Interpreters are endless and they can benefit a wide range of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, caregivers and other medical and healthcare workers.