Video Remote Interpreter

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a telecommunication service which employs electronic devices like video telephones, webcams or video cameras to provide American Sign Language (ESL) or spoken word interpreting services to individuals or companies needing assistance with video communication. These services can be used by people who are visually impaired and may have difficulty receiving or understanding verbal communications. This telecommunication service offers interpreting solutions for business, education and public sector needs.

The main benefits of this type of interpreting services are the portability of the equipment, flexibility of the service, flexibility of the communication method and the speed of delivery. It is important to note that video interpreting doesn’t mean just video telephonic interpretation. There are other video interpreting techniques such as raw layer coding, video subtitles and soft-reader translation. Video interpreting services can be either in-house or an independent contractor based on the specific needs of the client. If the video is intended for a general audience, independent contractors are preferable as they are not tied down with fixed working hours and geographic location.

In addition to all these benefits, there are some additional ones associated with Video Remote Interpreters such as: no travel charges, no overtime or turnaround, no accommodation requirements and no extra expenses for training. This may be the most attractive point for many clients, especially those requiring Video Remote Interpreting for business purposes. Video Remote Interpreters may also be used on site by a personal video assistant who requires extra support. This kind of service may also be appealing to a company which requires interpreters onsite to meet specific business needs.

The cost of Video Remote Interpreting services depends on a number of factors such as the length of the video, its format and the equipment used to interpret. The quality of the video and the equipment used is also another important factor in determining the cost. Professional native speaking video interpreters are probably the most expensive suppliers. On the other hand, depending on the level of service provided, speed of delivery, the experience of the provider and the equipment used, an in-person interpreter may be considerably less costly. The type of service package you choose is also a determinant in the price.

If your requirement is for fast, on-site interpretations, it would be preferable to seek a specialized interpreter. For example, if you need the video remote interpreting service for a business presentation, it is imperative that the vendor acquire proper training and experience in the field. Such specialized training ensures better accuracy, quicker processing and more accurate interpretations. However, if the purpose of the Video Remote Interpreting service is for personal, in-person interpretation, an in-house interpreter might be sufficient and cost effective.

There are many healthcare professionals who require video remote interpreting services and cannot travel to a remote location to offer their services. The healthcare professionals who are highly proficient in using the computers and in interpreting what they see require this type of service and cannot travel. Medical clinics or hospitals usually have a contract with a Video Interpreter vendor and the vendor supplies the required equipment and trained interpreters to fulfill the needs of the healthcare professionals.

In the healthcare industry, interpretation of patient speech or non-verbal communication is a critical part of caring for patients who cannot speak for themselves. Many patients communicate by gestures or facial expressions or by using limited English. In cases where healthcare providers have difficulty understanding or interpreting such verbal communication, in-person interpreters can be highly beneficial.

Video interpreting service is helpful for healthcare providers who have limited English language support in the healthcare environment. It helps healthcare professionals to give appropriate treatment to the patient. Video remote interpreting service can be provided in different locations. If the service provider has more than one location in different locations, then they can easily serve patients across the globe. This service is very cost effective as the trained interpreters do not have to bear the cost of setting up translation and interpretation centers at different locations and they do not have to bear the cost of providing translation or interpreting machine to the respective client.