The Pros and Cons of Cora SEO

If you’re a webmaster, you probably already know the benefits of Cora SEO. Its backward-engineering technology checks 540 ranking factors in the first 100 search results for a given keyword, and then provides a road map for what needs to be done to rank well in that particular niche. It also offers a range of actionable on-page tips. While it isn’t cloud-based, it can run on Mac or Windows computers, depending on hardware and software configuration.

Although Cora SEO claims to be black hat SEO, you can’t sign up for a free trial. Instead, you’ll need to pay for the service in monthly installments. Subscription plans can be paid through Visa, MC, Discover, or Paypal. Unlike other tools, there’s no long-term commitment, either. The basic package, which costs $250 per month, includes unlimited website searches and keywords. There are some downsides to using this tool.

Reports are a great feature of Cora SEO. These are presented in Excel format and placed in an output folder for easy viewing. There’s no need to sign into Cora in order to view the reports. They can be viewed in Excel and can be viewed by the user or by an SEO expert. The software also supports many other analytics tools, so it’s worth looking into them before deciding whether to purchase the service.

Another useful feature of Cora SEO is its Diff tool. It enables you to compare two reports before and after a Google algorithm update to determine the impact of these updates on your rankings. This tool also gives you an idea of what the top ranking factors are for a particular keyword. You can even analyze whether the algorithm has changed since you last used it. It’s worth checking out the Diff Tool as well to see if there have been any changes in the ranking factors for a specific keyword.

While Surfer offers the best user interface, Pageoptimizer Pro prioritizes 29 on-page ranking factors and has an interactive chart for the user. Both tools are great for the in-house SEO expert, as well as for marketing managers and SEO juniors. The interface is modern, so it’s easy to use and understand for the average webmaster. It even has a user interface designed for the in-house SEO, the Marketing Manager, and the SEO Junior.

Another feature of the Cora SEO tool is its ability to find what content on your site is linked the most. It can also check for broken links on your site and give you an overview of which pages are performing best. It is also a good idea to include Google Analytics on your website as it can be helpful in tracking the content that draws the most visitors. The tool also helps you submit web pages to search indexes. These are all useful if you have just launched a site.