SEO Specialist Job Description

Braden sits on the steering committee of the Search Engine Optimization Association (SEO). As a long-time writer and editor for all his life, SEO was always on the periphery of Braden’s work. Now, though, SEO has become his main focus. Braden, with others at HubSpot, Aja Frost and Victor Pan, have developed many methods of search engine optimization that bring high ranking for websites. Braden himself has also published books and is a prolific writer on the matter.

Braden’s main areas of interest are helping others get the most from search engines and marketing his own services. He believes that to be a good SEO specialist, one must be good at marketing themselves. As such, he outlines a few keys to become a good SEO specialist. These keys are prioritization, self-reflection, and humility.

To be an expert, one must be good at marketing oneself. Self-reflection is perhaps the most important skill to become an SEO specialist as it pertains to search engines. SEO specialists must reflect on their own techniques and strategies along with what their audiences mean to them. Braden advises that search engine optimization specialists must “self-evaluate” and realize what changes are necessary for them to optimize content on their sites and with their clients.

SEO experts also must realize that they cannot do everything. Optimizing for everything is not realistic. For instance, creating content that is unique to each site, optimizing content for a particular niche, creating back links, and optimizing images are but a few of the things they can do to create more traffic and to improve page speed. SEO specialists must also learn how to optimize content through link building. Link building is a form of creating back links to your pages.

SEO specialists also need to have the ability to create and maintain relationships. SEO experts must be able to establish and foster relationships with all forms of business. This includes creating relationships with customers, other SEO specialists, other webmasters, and even fellow bloggers. SEO specialist needs to have a large network of people who are willing to help in any way that they can. SEO expert, therefore, has to be versatile.

SEO experts also need to be humble and realize that no matter how good their skills are, without traffic, good SEO practices will not lead to any profits. SEO specialists should always remember that in order to get good page ranking, they should work with small and steady streams of traffic. This cannot be done overnight. SEO experts should also understand that in order to attract readers and customers, they need to make sure that they will only post quality content.

SEO specialists know that keyword research is important for them to do. Keyword research enables a webmaster to understand his/her competitors. This, however, does not mean that an SEO specialist job description is one that revolves entirely around keyword research. For instance, while keyword research is an important aspect, a good SEO specialist job description might also entail writing quality articles to attract readers. Articles contribute to a site’s success by appealing to a site’s visitors. Moreover, it helps the site to attract advertisers, since the articles provide information about the goods and services that the company is offering.

Finally, a good SEO specialist job description should encompass all aspects of optimization. These include creating inbound links from high-quality websites, article writing, link wheel optimization, writing press releases, blog commenting, social bookmarking, generating directories and keywords lists, and generating webinars and videos. SEO is a difficult job to master, but with the help of a good SEO service provider, a webmaster will be able to reach top positions in search engines. Therefore, SEO is not just about creating high-quality backlinks, but about the whole array of strategies used for optimizing a site’s visibility online.