How to Keep Your Site Optimized As SEO

Braden Van Der Ploegen is an SEO professional with expertise in Search Engine Optimization. As a writer and copy editor for much of his working life, SEO was always on the periphery of Braden’s work. Today though, SEO has become his center-point. Braden, with fellow SEO and historical optimization experts at HubSpot, Aja Frost & Victor Pan, have all formulated a new course called the HubSpot Way. This course is designed to help online entrepreneurs understand more intimately the concept of SEO and to develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to make money as a professional search engine optimizer. It will also introduce you to the best practices in Internet Marketing, driving visitors and profits to your website.

Braden began the course by teaching the basics of SEO, providing resources for learning the language of SEO, and laying out his “HubSpot Way” system for launching a successful search engine marketing business. The first lesson that he provided was exploring keywords. He explained the value of keyword research and how a search engine optimization company can provide the very best practices in keyword research. After explaining the concept behind keyword research, Braden discussed the best practices for creating articles that draw attention and that effectively promote the search keywords.

Braden then explained the value of content marketing, which includes SEO and traditional offline marketing strategies, through the development of content. He talked about brightedge – a new content marketing strategy that combines SEO, social media, and online analytics. The next topic was “SEO copywriting,” which included discussions of white hat versus black hat copywriting techniques, SEO copywriting rules, white hat versus non-SEO copywriting rules, and best practices for SEO copywriting.

The final topic was “SEO advertising.” This was probably the most important part of the course and provided the biggest insight into what an SEO Expert can do to optimize content for search engines. Braden demonstrated how to create a dynamic advertisement continue reading. As he discussed dynamic advertisements, he demonstrated the importance of white hat search engines optimization, saying that black hat methods were simply spamming. With black hat techniques, you never get a chance to rank high for that particular keyword because only the most obvious advertisements push their way to the top.

After explaining best practices for digital marketing, the SEO Expert presented his solution for any problems that people may run into when they try to optimize content for search engines. He provided a seven-step guide that consisted of ten SEO Expert Tips. It’s a good idea to take the time to read these entire guides because they are very in depth and cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. There is a lot of information packed into these guides and it’s a good idea to read through them before diving right into the discussion that has taken place.

When you have taken the time to digest the content, it’s a good idea to then discuss the topics in detail with your SEO Expert or any other person that you feel would benefit from such information. You want them to understand what you are trying to accomplish and give you feedback in a timely manner. Many people want to optimize for organic search engine results but don’t have a clue as to how to go about doing so. Reading through everything and providing examples of good practice can be very helpful.

Another very important topic that was touched on was the use of title tags and how to optimize them. Braden explained that when creating a webpage, title tags should always be relevant to the content of the page. A good SEO Expert will tell you that once you’ve chosen a URL to place your website at, you should always include your target keywords within the title tag as well as in your Meta tag descriptions. SEO is all about finding these keywords that will help you get recognized by the search engines and ultimately, get connected with the people who are looking for what you offer.

The final topic I’d like to touch on was Twitter advertising and how it relates to optimization. Many people make the mistake of using Twitter only as a way to update their status posts and leave links back to their websites. Braden made it clear that when you are using Twitter to optimize for organic search engine results, it is also a great way to advertise your products and services. He explained that there are a number of different ways that you can advertise on Twitter and get the best results possible. As he is still one of the best Internet marketing experts around, he is free to give his personal opinion as to which of these methods are best.