Finding an SEO Expert That Will Help You Succeed

Have you ever been bothered by the ads that say that they are an SEO Expert? You should be very suspicious, because in all likelihood they are not an expert at all.

The first thing you need to consider when searching for an SEO Expert is the type of business that they are marketing. In other words, do they have any experience selling SEO services? Having run an online SEO company for the last 15 years, I had to train myself constantly on everything SEO know.

So, when I saw the advert that said they were an SEO Expert, my first reaction was “are they selling something here?” They don’t seem to provide any proof of their claim to expertise in SEO, instead relying on testimonials from “real” customers.

However, when you spend a few minutes reading through their website you will see that there are no credentials for their claims they are offering, and in fact, their claims are not even backed up by search engine optimization. All their qualifications seem to be based on their experience selling affiliate products.

When looking for an SEO Expert, be wary of companies that want to charge you for their “credentials”. If they have any, there is probably a reason why you should not use them. Also, if they state on their website that their services include building link popularity then you should be doubly cautious.

If they want you to pay for their “credentials” then the next step would be to find out what “credits” these experts are getting for their website’s traffic, and the number of visitors that come to their website on a regular basis. If it is not high, then you should avoid using them.

As a final word of warning to anyone looking for SEO expertise, avoid SEO Companies that makes claims about increasing your website’s traffic without providing any evidence. Also, look for an expert who has a proven track record of results in the market, rather than one who is new to SEO and has little or no track record.

It is a sad but true fact that most SEO companies are after your money and not the real purpose for which they offer to help with. search engine optimization. By doing this, they are actually hurting themselves and causing themselves more problems in the long run.

One of the things that SEO companies do is put out the “fake experts” that are more interested in earning more money, than helping you with your business. One example would be an SEO company that states on their website that they are an SEO Expert and then offers a free webinar or e-book. You have to think “Why on earth would I want to buy an e-book from someone who will only sell me books or e-courses?”

The answer to this question is pretty simple. These companies are trying to sell their products to you, not to help you with your business. They are interested in building a “following” list of customers and not in making you successful at marketing.

It’s time to get your SEO company to understand that you are in control of your own success. If you want results you have to do all the work, so you are in control of what happens to you.

One of the biggest problems for those that do not do their own marketing is that they end up doing more work for themselves and then spending more time doing “work” for other companies. You have to make the choice to be your own best SEO expert, and take charge of your own success.

An SEO expert who is only concerned about getting paid a salary for what they do, instead of getting you the results you are looking for is not going to be much help. They may get a good price, but they are not going to make you successful in this area. Remember, they are looking for money, not helping you.