Video Remote Interpreter Services For Your Business Or organization

A video remote interpreting service allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to communicate with business associates or other members of the public by using only sign language interpreting devices. With video conferencing technologies, deaf individuals and even business professionals can communicate with people in real time through sign language interpreting devices. But if remote working, staff […]

Role of a PPC Specialist

PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists are professionals in online marketing, responsible for strategising and planning the effectiveness of various internet marketing campaigns. You may work from home, usually in an ad agency or marketing department of an established company, or for either a specialist PPC agency or private digital or internet agency where you will […]

Hiring An SEO Expert

An SEO expert (aka an SEO pro) is a person who optimizes sites for the purpose of attaining higher search engine ranking. Put another way, an SEO pro is someone who knows how to gain more targeted traffic from various search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO analyst can analyze your site […]

Video Remote Interpreter

Video Remote Interpreting is an online videotape interpreting service which utilizes sophisticated electronic equipment like webcams or digital cameras to provide speech or sign language interpretation of video data. This is usually performed through either a remote or onsite interpreting agent, so as to communicate with people having a communication barrier. The most popular form […]

SEO Professional?

The idea of being an SEO professional may sound overwhelming to some but there are a number of simple SEO concepts that can get you started in no time at all. Search engine optimisation is the science of getting websites noticed by the search engines, usually through links to them appearing in other websites. The […]

Video Remote Interpreters – Providing Interpretation Services Beyond the United States

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is an off-site, on-demand video communication service which uses modern electronic devices like webcams, digital cameras or video phones to deliver American Sign Language (ASC) or spoken language interpretation services to businesses and organizations that cannot afford onsite interpreter services. This method of communication has been extensively used in the medical, […]