How To Hire A PPC Specialist To Help Your Business

A PPC (Pay Per Click) Specialist oversees online pay per click marketing campaigns, ranging from the basic strategy, design, execution, optimization, SEO, and reporting of each ad performance. It’s a very rewarding role that requires a special skill set since it requires a unique perspective on how to successfully generate high-quality, organic traffic to a […]

Why Hire a SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is someone who helps you get more exposure in search engines and make your website rank well on search engines. There are some techniques that are required for this and it can be very confusing as there are many people offering their services on the internet. If you are not clear about […]

What Should You Look For in an SEO Professional?

What Exactly Is A SEO Professional? The phrase, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ can describe a number of different fields and skills in the online marketing arena. An SEO professional, also known as an Internet marketing specialist, is a person who can optimise your web site so it reaches more targeted potential customers through search engines such […]

Video Remote Interpreter

A Video Remote Interpreting Service is a specialized form of interpreting that uses a headset/intercom system to communicate between the interpreters. In most typical VRI situations, an interpreter and a limited English speaking individual are both located in a room with a desk configured with an Internet camera, a laptop with a smart phone (such […]

What Does A PPC Specialist Do?

An effective PPC Specialist oversees internet pay per click marketing campaigns, the campaign design, strategy, implementation, SEO, analysis and optimization of online ad campaign performance. It’s a tough role that is highly desired because it requires a unique skill set to succeed. A successful PPC specialist understands the power of Google to drive traffic to […]

Video Remote Interpreter – An Alternative To Audio Only

Video Remote Interpretation Services. As stated in Phone Interpreting Services, Video Remote Interpretation falls into the Remote Interpretation umbrella of specialized services. In a typical VRI situation, you and a limited English-speaking client are found together in a place with a laptop or tablet configured with an internet-connected web camera, and an interpreter is present […]