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PC Problems

PC Problems

There is not a day goes by that someone doesn't have a problems with thier PC or Laptop. Often it's difficult to get support right away or the support you do get knows nothing about how to sort your problem or blames someone else.

Blow are just a few of the problems we can help you with.

if you would like our help, send us information on what your problem is by filling in the details on the form below and we will send you a quote to fix it.

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Recent Problems Solved

Windows 10 Update - Hangs Computer

After a Windows 10 update our clients computer became unresponsive and would hang.

Investigation of the issue found a few drivers that were out of date, so we updated them.

Some printers were involved, we uninstalled them, downloaded the correct drivers from the manufacturers website and installed them, restarted the system and the PC recognised the printers and re-installed them.

We observed that the Windows 10 update wouldn't download as the files were corrupt, we renamed the old downloaded file folders and restarted the download, when complete the PC was performing as it did before.

We have since found out that some systems may have corrupt files if the download is interupted, instaed of deleting the partially downladed files it just hangs and the downlaod won't complete.

We were able to sort the clients problem within an hour and let them get back to work.


Emails Not Sending or Receiving

Most of the time it's something simple but calling in the IT guy can cost a fortune.

A client contacted us when thier email program would not send or receive emails.

Being a busy office and having two people answering emails all day, having one system down for any length of time wasn't a good option., the IT company they use would send someone the next day but they needed the problem sorted fast, they contacted us.

After finding out what email program they used we were able to send easy to follow instructions on how to check everything was fine with the setting they had and that nothing had changed.

We did this by sending the instructions to the working email address and talking them through it on the phone.

We checked they were inserting the correct details in the right places and the email address was up and running in about 15 minutes.


Please Note: Not all problems can be sorted so quick or by email or phone, in some cases we may need remote access to your system, if we do then you will be aware of anything we do and kept in the loop as much as possible.

If remote access is a problem for you we can visit if you are within our area but the bill would accommodate travelling exspenses so email us for a quote first.


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