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Wizard Web Design | Frequently Asked Questions

I'm thinking of getting a website built for my business, what are the costs involved?
We prefer to keep our price structure simple - £500
This includes building your website, domain name, hosting for the first year, images if needed, logo design if needed, text, contact forms, email address, galleries, rotating banners and much much more.

How long does it take before my website will be on the internet?
We usually say 7 days but if we can get all the info and images together quickly we can have you on the internet quicker.

What if I want to make changes to my website a few months later?
Updates to your website are unlimited and free, this includes photo and text changes.

Are there any other costs?
No hidden or extra costs, what we quote is what you pay. After the first year there is a £50 fee to renew your domain name and the next years hosting.

Can payments be made monthly instead of one large sum?
No,  we don’t spread payments, we can however accept a £100 deposit with the balance payable as soon as your website is complete, payment would need to be paid in full no more than 7 days after your website goes live on our server.

Do I have to supply all the images and text?
You can supply your own images if you have them, if you want to write your own text we will add it for you.
Supplying your own images does not reduce the cost, we still have to optimise them for your website.
If you don’t have your own images or text we can sort this out for you, we have a vast database of images we can use.
Please don’t send us images to use that are not your own, using someone else’s images without their permission is against copyright laws and we accept no responsibility for images used that are not owned by you.

Why is it better to have a company like yours build my website, rather than use some of the free options on the internet?
Most of the free options on the internet are not exactly free, they may be free to use and adapt if you have the correct knowledge on how to change them to suit your business but you will most likely find that the code includes links to the website providing them.
On occasion this may be removed for a small fee, with others you don't have that option, so it's only free if the link remains. Basically it's a free advert for that website.
Some search engines give less importance to these sort of websites.

How can I be sure my website will be found by clients and will it be on the first page of the search engines?
No one can say 100% that your website will be on the first page of any search engine, if it was that easy how would we all fit on the first page.
Some companies say they will get you on the first page but these will be paid ads and will cost money, we don't offer this service but can offer advice on this if that is they way you want to spend your money.
What we will do is find out what search terms you want to be found for and optimise your website accordingly, giving you the best possible chance to reach page 1 as anyone can give you, without it costing you any extra money.

Please note that having a website does not mean that you will be overloaded with enquiries, making a website a success involves a lot more than just building a good looking site.

Optimising for the search engines is very important part of making your website a success but by no means the only thing you need, we will advise on starting your own social media pages to compliment your business and website and keeping your website and contact information up to date.

The best way to impress those who make an enquiry is to answer them as soon as possible, most people expect to wait a few days for an answer to an email or form enquiry and are usually extremely impressed if they get a quick response.

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